Suction units are emergency medical equipments that are used at various stages. They are necessary to save lives in case of any aspiration emergency. They can be used at any place without having to worry about its set-up. These units have additional facilities which make it optimum for use whenever a patient needs it.

Ramedico has been manufacturing suction units that are used for different purposes. They are portable in nature which makes them easy to carry around. With a smaller size, they can be fitted in an ambulance and taken to the site of an emergency.

The product can be regulated to create a desired suction. It can be regulated accordingly without interfering with the air flow that is aimed to be extracted. The non-restriction of air flow is the most important quality of our products. They can also provide variable suction levels.

Besides portability, the handy nature of our suction units is what makes them apart. They can start operating in no time and this helps to save the precious moments for a patient. They are also battery powered and thus require no external power source to start working. We also manufacture suitable suction disposable bottle which can be easily placed beside the suction to collect waste.

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