Safety equipments are necessary items for every doctor or pathologist in his workplace. It is safety which is first taken into consideration while taking on tasks which concern life and death. These equipments come in many forms. Ramedico has been dedicated to manufacture these products with due care.

For doctors, we have a range of products that are meant to keep them safe and sound. This line of products includes aprons, caps, ear muffs and plugs, face shields etc. While performing any major operation, they keep a doctor safe from any infection or contamination that may arise due to the situation. The products also include latex gloves which can be used once. Whiles others equipments may be sterilized and used again.

In laboratories, pathologists need extra care while dealing with things of contaminating nature. They also need protection against the chemicals which they would be using.

Helmets and respirators are some of the essential equipments that Ramedico manufactures with extreme care. We aim to deliver the best quality in these products to keep medical professionals safe at all times.

We manufacture goods of personal hygiene as well. They include masks, sanitizers, shoe covers etc. They eliminate chances of any contamination that may arise while dealing with hazardous and infectious substances.

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