Rubber Products

Every hospital needs rubber products which may be used for varying purposes. These rubber products may be used in different forms and at different times. Some of these products are used to administer certain drugs into the body while others are used to observe the physical condition of the body.

Ramedico has been manufacturing these rubber products with marked quality. It has launched a range of items which are used in the hospitals and clinics. Some of the major rubber equipments are Asepto syringe, brast pump, chloroform bellows and inhalers, B.P. accessories etc. These products are of prime importance when looking out for any irregularity within the body.

The B.P. accessories manufactured by Ramedico are of the finest quality and fit with all standard B.P machines. They are easy to replace and this can be done with bare hands. Another accessory which is used for patients is a Hot water bottle. These water bottles can be used for keeping the water at a certain temperature.

Within this category, Ice bags are another premium quality product manufactured by Ramedico. These bags are handy to use and come with a handle to keep the users hands from freezing. Other products include douche pad, air cushions, pipette filler, rubber bladders etc.

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