Rehabilitation products are used after a patient has been through a surgery or severe medication. The process requires that the patient is let to regain the lost health naturally. This is done in ways which show gradual betterment in the patients body. This healing criterion is usually gradual and therefore it is necessary that the products used during rehabilitation are of great quality.

Ramedco has been developing rehabilitation products that have helped patients to recover from several ailments which may be in any part of the body. These products include back support, abdominal support, cervical support, fracture support, knee; calf and ankle support etc.

Since these products are used in critical body parts and during critical conditions, they must be comfortable for the patients.Ramedico keeps this fact in mind and manufactures these products accordingly.

The fabric used in the manufacture of these products are relatively soft and do not cause any irritation in the skin. They can be used throughout every season without any discomfort.

Also the correct shape of these products helps to maintain the correct posture of the desired body part. This is one of the most important aspects which determine whether a physiotherapy product is any good or not.

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