Physiotherapy equipments are used to give better physical movements after an injury has been sustained. The process does not include the administration of drugs and also does not require surgery to heal the ailment. However the process requires sophisticated machines which can be used to treat the patients. These machines help to bring better functionality of the limbs and joints.

The major equipments used under the spheres of physiotherapy are Continuous Passive Motion system, diathermy machines, digital ultrasonic, hydrocollator etc. These machines are extremely sophisticated and thus require that they are made under strict standards. It is also important that during their manufacturing, all regular guidelines have been followed.

Ramedico has been manufacturing these equipments with extreme care and aims to deliver best results with every use. We aim to provide better post surgery or ailment treatment for patients. This reduces the dependence of the patients on drugs. It also prevents chances of any further damage to the affected area.

With the help of these machines, patients can get better circulation of blood in their body. This helps to regain better movement in the body and reduces tension in the muscle and tissues. Not only this, these equipments also help the patient to feel better psychologically

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