Ramedico has been manufacturing high quality pathology goods that have helped pathologists to excel through their field of specialization. The pathology goods manufactured by Ramedico are of standard designs. They are also manufactured of the best quality raw materials which make it helpful for the pathologists. These high quality products give better results and the chance of an error is almost minimized.

Among the line of products manufactured by Ramedico in the pathology segment, the major ones are pipette tips, test tube wire racks, tourniquets etc. They are the most essential items to work within a laboratory. With better quality, Ramedico ensures that these goods are used over a longer duration of time.

The test tube wire rack manufactured by Ramedico has greater blocks in it which allow storing of more samples. They and also be labeled accordingly to ensure that there is no mix-up between different samples. Also the blocks are divided into different sizes. They can be used accordingly for test tubes of varying sizes.

The tourniquet manufactured by Ramedico makes way for comfortable venous and arterial circulation. The easy to strap mechanism can be used on a patient effectively and without much effort. Also the locking and unlocking is easy in these tourniquets.

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