Orthopaedic equipments are some of the most essential items in a hospital. These items see a lot of usage every day. Hence it is necessary that they are of the best quality and without any defects. They are also required to be of standard designs to enable the medical professional to work with them aptly.

Ramedico has been manufacturing high end orthopaedic goods that are used for different purposes. The usage may vary from minor bone problems to major ones.  The varying range of these tools include bandage and plaster equipments, bone chisel and gouge, bone curette, bone cutting forceps etc.

The instruments manufacturers by Ramedico are mainly used for healing bone deformities or fractures. They are also used in more sophisticated issue, like for fixing or relocating the displaced bones.

All the equipments manufacturers by Ramedico are of the best quality and the material used for these equipments is 100% stainless. This eliminates the risk of any contamination of the bone of other tissues.

In addition the main orthopaedic equipments, we also manufacture other accessories. These include plaster saw and cutters. Their handy designs makes it easy to cut out the plaster even at joints and folds.

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