For matters which concern the eye, there must be products that are highly reliable and advanced. These products which deal with examining the eye, need to have a great reliability quotient and any chances of error cannot be accepted.

Ramedico has understood this criteria and it brings out products that are of the highest quality to ensure safest eye examination and treatment. The products brought ahead by us are trusted and up to the mark, flaunting highest quality.

Ramedico produces a range of eye-examination products which include topographers, ophthalmoscope, screening and imaging equipments etc. These products are used to give detailed eye-structures and help to locate any ailment which may be building in the eye.

In the high quality products, Ramedico also has a range of exam chairs, stands and stools that are used to have a closer look into the eye. These give the ophthalmologist a comfortable position from where he can examine the desired area.

Other products are meant for examining different areas of the eye i.e. retina, cornea etc. Ramedico also manufactures different handheld devices and ophthalmoscopes which enable to get a deeper look into the eye membrane. They also have good illumination and high quality lenses for accurate findings.

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