Medical disposables are an essential product used at every hospital and medical space. But it is necessary that these medical products are safe to use. It is also necessary to ensure that they are 100% germ free and non-contaminated.

Ramedico has been manufacturing such medical disposables with the highest quality in the industry. It has stood apart to produce the products which are used and trusted by all medical professionals.

In this list of products are cotton items which are generally used as absorbents. At Ramedico, they are manufactured in ways in which they are of the best quality. Besides these absorbents, we also have a long range of absorbent gauze products that are used to heal wounds, dressing etc. These products are coupled with bandages which are used alongside other absorbents.

Medical disposable also include blood collection needles. They are used for collecting blood samples and also for infusing blood into a patient. These needles are made according to standard procedures and of standard sizes. We also manufacture blood collection tubes of varying volumes and they can be used as desired.

Ramedico also produces other general items which are used during surgery. These items include anesthesia products, urology products and pathological lab items etc.

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