Imaging equipments are used to detect internal abnormalities in the human body. Imaging technology is a procedure where images of the internal organs are taken and further examined to see if there is a defect or not. These imaging equipments are sophisticated and require good technology to deliver the best results.

Ramedico has been manufacturing imaging devices that have changed the face of the medicinal world. It has created high quality products that can be trusted with time. This trust lies with the elimination of any discrepancy that might occur.

Some of the major devices in this segment are mammography system, x-ray machines, ultrasound machines etc. These equipments have been designed following all regular and standard parameters to build trust in their working.

Among these products, Ramedico manufactures X-ray machines that are of high quality and give best results. In addition to these machines, Ramedico also has its own range of accessories that are used with x-ray equipments.

Ultrasound machine is another specialization of Ramedico. It manufactures highest quality ultrasound machines which are easy to use and handle. Ramedico also manufactures its own ultrasound printers, ultrasound gel etc.

Other accessories in this line of products are lead aprons; used during x-ray and radiography, shields, x-ray goggles, x-ray films, x-ray developer etc.

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