Ramedico has been manufacturing high quality hospital garments for maintaining a clean medical environment. These hospital garments are widely made for doctors, nurses and patients. They come in standard and specific sizes which can be chosen according to the relative demands.

For doctors, Ramedico manufactures garments which include Doctor coats and jackets, Coveralls, gowns etc. These dresses are fit for examining patients and also during surgery. They are also used in the lab during pathology. Standard medical caps are manufactured for medical examination and during surgery. The dresses come in standard shades which are acceptable in the field of medicine.

For patients, Ramedico has a range of outfits. These include patient suits, drapes, gowns, exam shorts etc. They are ideal for patients when they have to undergo medical examinations or surgery. For women, Ramedico manufactures sanitary pads and diapers for children and the elderly.

Ramedico hospital garments also include bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets, towels, bibs etc. They all come in regular shades which fit the patients ward. We keep it mandatory to provide only the best fabric in the manufacturing of all the above garments. This is to ensure that there is no discomfort to doctors and patients and to smoothly carry out medical purposes.

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