Ramedico is dedicated to manufacturing the best hospital furniture suited for different purposes. These products are meant for the well being of the patients and ease to the medical professionals. The category of hospital furniture has a large variety of goods which range from ICU beds to the dressing tables.

Ramedico has been known to manufacture hospital accessories that are designed from general to complex purposes. One of these products is the ICU beds. Ramedico manufactures ICU beds which are in competence to all required facilities that may be provided to the patients. It comes with all accessories and features that would enable the medical practitioner to provide competent medical help to the patients. These ICU beds are also movable which can allow the patient to shift from one ward to another without interfering in the medical administration.

Ramedico also has ambulance beds that can be comfortably fitted in an ambulance. The light-weight and foldable nature of this product makes it easy to transport around. Orthopaedic beds are also manufactures for patients who suffer orthopaedic disorders.

Ramedico has also a range of high quality chairs and stool which are required during medical examination. We also manufacture other accessories like trolleys, cabinets, IV stand, bed side screens etc.

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