Every hospital needs general products which are used during medical processes. These products may seem to be simple but they have an extremely important part to play. This list of products includes the most vital and essential goods that can be kept handy and used whenever required.

Some of these products are of general use. They include alkaline batteries, ball pens, drug bags, ear buds, measuring tape, exercise book etc. However they are simple in nature but play an important in carrying out regular medical functions.

Besides their general usage, it is also necessary that these products are of the best quality. A medical professional needs to have complete trust in their functionality.

Ramedico, besides the manufacturing of complex medical equipments, is also dedicated to manufacturing simpler goods of the highest quality. The quality of raw material used in their making is highly durable and the functionality of these products can be trusted for a longer duration of time.

This list of general products also includes goods for baby care. Baby bath tubs, mosquito nets, nail brush are some of the products which are designed for the little ones. Ramedico also has its own range of toiletries that are of the finest quality in the industry.

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