Dental equipments are used by dentists to examine the teeth and to provide suitable dental treatment. These equipments are desired for a safe and effective examination, manipulation and restoration of oral and dental structures.

Ramedico has been manufacturing dental equipments with the finest quality to ensure safest tooth treatment. It manufactures products which ensure that there is no damage to the surrounding areas while performing on a particular tooth or segment of the oral cavity.

Some of the equipments manufactured by Ramedico are mirrors, probes, retractors, excavators, chisels, sickle etc.

The mirror is the most important equipment for dental examination. Ramedico manufactures dental mirrors which are of high quality and enable the medical practitioner have a better look at the dental structures, gums and cavity.

Ramedico manufactures explorers and sickle which are used to determine tooth decay and cavity. They are made of standard size to enable the dentist to examine the tooth perfectly.

The dental drill manufactured by Ramedico also meets all quality parameters. The equipment enables to prevent tooth decay and it also used for the structure of the tooth before filling and crowning.

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