Cold chain products are required by medical professionals when they have to carry certain other products inside it without the fear of contamination. These boxes must be manufactured in a way to ensure that a certain temperature is maintained at all times.

Ramedico is the leading manufacturer in cold chain products. It manufactures products that are highly capable of maintaining the desired temperature for a longer time. This sets aside the chances of a product being exposed to extreme temperatures.

One of the most widely used devices in the medical world is cold boxes. Ramedico manufactures these cold boxes to fit-in several items that need to be kept at a temperature below the external surrounding. The boxes manufactured by Ramedico are tensile and resistant to damages. They can be locked easily and carried out effortlessly.

Vaccine carrier is also a high quality equipment manufactured by Ramedico. It is useful to carry around vaccines in a safer way and to eliminate the risk of contamination during the process of transportation. The equipment finds a great purpose when doctors and medical professionals need to run vaccine campaigns and have to stay in the open environment for longer durations.

Ramedico also manufactures Ice packs for medical and sporting purposes. These icepacks keep the ice in cubes for effective use at the desired time.

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