Blood bank equipments are a necessary part of accessories for hospitals and medical places. It is one of the most essential equipments that must be manufactured with highest quality to ensure that the donor and his blood are kept safe and uncontaminated.

Ramedico has been manufacturing the latest and most sophisticated blood bank equipments. It has served in this segment by manufacturing equipments like blood bank centrifuge, blood bank freezer, blood bank refrigerator, cryobath etc.

Blood bank chairs are also manufactured by Ramedico. These highly comfortable and ergonomically designed chairs help the donor to relax and ease during the blood donation process.

It is necessary that all blood bank products are kept under a certain temperature to ensure the purity of the blood. The blood bank freezer manufactured by Ramedico is of great medical assistance. The equipment helps to stabilize the internal temperature at a certain limit and prevents variation to keep the blood and disease free.

The plasma extractor designed by Ramedico is also of highest quality. In addition to plasma extraction, it keeps the blood cells beyond the reach of any infecting particle. The platelet incubator manufactured by ramedico keeps the platelet safe and healthy for a longer duration of time before it can be infused into a personís bloodstream.

All these products are manufactured under proper care and in coherence to the international standards.

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