In every hospital and clinical space, there must be proper garbage bags to dispose off the waste. This is to assure that no contamination spreads around a medical or surgical area. This is one of the most vital factors to keep the surrounding clean and prevent any infection from spreading.

Ramedico manufactures a long range of waste handling bags and containers that are suited for the proper disposal of waste materials. These bags and boxes come in different sizes and are meant for different purposes.

The autoclave bags are used widely to dispense off the used materials after medical and surgical purposes. This bag ensures that no contamination spreads into the surrounding. The leak-proof ability of these bags makes them unique and safe. Also it is made up of thick walls to ensure safe disposal without infecting the hands and other limbs.

Biohazard bags are also important to ensure no contamination of biological waste occurs. The bags are suitable for disposing materials such as biological waste in the form of examined issues, cells etc.

Ramedico also manufactures high quality waste bins that can be used for multiple purposes. They have a hard and safe outer cover that prevents spreading of contamination and waste matters.

Other items in this list include sickness bags, sharp containers, waste collection bags etc.

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