Autopsy enables a medical professional to know more about the cause of death of a human body. It allows to gather more information regarding the cause and nature of an event that has resulted in the death of a human.

Our range of autopsy products help the medical experts to gain more insight into the correct nature of death. With the right products it becomes easier to examine the corpse and also ensures that the correct results are found.

Some of the leading autopsy products manufacture by Ramedico are Autopsy Table, Autopsy work station, body bags, body wash trolley, body weighing scale, embalming machine etc.

The autopsy table manufactured by Ramedico is of standard length and breadth. They are also fitted with other accessories that are required during the process of autopsy. This ensures uninterrupted medical examination of the corpse and also helps to reach effective results in lesser time.

Another leading equipment is the mortuary cabinet which has been manufactured to keep the corpse fresh and allow least external influence. The multi cabinet design helps to store more corpses and takes lesser space.

Other accessories in this list are organ weighing scale and postmortem set. The organ weighing scale gives accurate data to detect any disorder that may be present in the corpse. Our postmortem set also has all necessary tools to carry on the examination without any interference.

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