Ramedico has developed a list of anesthesia products that have been largely successful and have proved its efficacy with time. Our products range in different categories and come to the perfect assistance when and however required. The success rate of our products is impeccable and has assisted doctors and surgeons to perform the desired activity on the patient.

The administering of anesthesia is the medical process which enables the doctors to carry on the desired medical intervention. The high end quality of our products enables the doctors to perform all kinds of medical activities without furthering any risk to the patient. With our products being manufactured in accordance with international safety, they pose no harm to the patient.

With lowest risk factors, our products enable the doctors to help the patients reach a state of controlled unconsciousness, muscle relaxation, amnesia etc. This helps them to carry on the desired medical activities without any physical pain and without lesser movement in the patient body.

Ramedico manufactures anesthesia products that lie in the category of general anesthesia, regional anesthesia and sedatives. General anesthesia products are used to slow down the functioning of the Central Nervous System. Whereas on the other hand, regional anesthesia products help to create unconsciousness in a particular part of the body.

Our major anesthesia products include Anesthesia machines, Artificial resuscitators, Circle absorber, Ventilators etc. These products are used as and however desired under different conditions and we maintain highest quality in all these products to ensure safest use.

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